Scouts and Guides is an integral part of Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan and followed very sincerely in every KV. It helps in building confidence and self esteem among the students. It provides opportunities for students to explore and discover the world beyond the classroom.  Rallies and Utsav for students in Class III-V (Cubs & Bulbuls) are organized to promote the feelings of universal brotherhood, compassion, and benevolence. Students from classes- III to X are encouraged to enroll themselves & dedicate themselves to the service of the mankind. It is a voluntary movement and its motto is ‘Be Prepared’ for the service of mankind and protection of nature.

    • Advancement Scheme For Cubs & Bulbuls-
    • Cubs
    1. Pravesh
    2. Pratham Charan
    3. Dwitiya Charan
    4. Tritiya Charan
    5. Chaturth Charan
    • Bulbuls
    1. Pravesh
    2. Komal Pankh
    3. Rajat Pankh
    4. Suvarna Pankh
    5. Heerakh Pankh
    • Advancement Scheme For Scouts & Guides-
    1. Pravesh
    2. Pratham Sopan
    3. Dwitiya Sopan
    4. Tritiya Sopan
    5. Rajya Puraskar
    6. Rashtrapati Puraskar
    • Golden Arrow – Specified as the highest award for the Cubs & Bulbuls.
    • Rashtrapati Scout/Guide Award– Identified as the highest award for Scouts/Guides.
    • NCC training is implemented in the KVs as per the provisions and policy issued by Directorate General NCC, Ministry of Defence. The motto of the National Cadet Corps (NCC) is ‘Unity and Discipline’. The National Cadet Corps (NCC) is a Tri-Services Organisation comprising the Army, Navy and Air Force, with the primary objective of instilling a sense of patriotism among students.

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